Saturday, March 25, 2017

Big Blue Collections Part 1: Dollar Store Snag

Big Blue Collections is my latest segment here on Snagging Cardboard that showcases non-card items in my NY Giants collection.

Today's item, is something I found while wondering through a local dollar store.

When I go into the dollar store, I am usually in there with a purpose looking for specific items such as paper products, cleaners, sports cards, gift bag, shipping items, etc. Like how I threw in sports cards ;)

Anyways, once in a great while, I will stumbled upon other things that catch my eye. Usually, I avoid looking at sports items in any store as locally it's normally Patriots flooded. *Gag*  but this time was different. In the middle of that Patriots pile sat a stack of these NY Giants soft Franklin footballs.

As with most NY Giants collectible I can actually find, I snagged it. I don't buy as much as I used to because of not only the budget, but because I am running out of room and tote space to store it.

Here is the dollar store find. The first third has the old Giants logo so you know this ball has probably been around for awhile,

The second third of the football. Made by Franklin, nice!

And the final third has the usual stuffed item info
Can't go wrong for a buck picking up something like this.
There is much more to show off in this series including some autographed items, so stay tuned!

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