Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Can You Have Too Many Of One Card?

When I was recently sorting my Giants cards by player, something I have been meaning to do for years, I noticed that I had acquired quite a few, 5 to be exact, 2011 Panini Certified Jerrel Jernigan rookie autographed jersey cards. A couple I got through trades, the others I got for dirt cheap.
That begged the question in my mind, is this too many? Should I have only gotten one? Or is having 5 of the same card kinda cool?

Here is the way I look at it, they are Giants cards, they are cheap and to be honest, kinda cool. I would actually like to add to it and see how many I can get out of the 499 made. If I do add more, I will post about it!

Your opinion may differ or you may agree with me. So let me know in comments!

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  1. If you really want to know "how many is TOO many"? You probably should checkout some of the "hoarders". You can probably Google (or Bing, or Yahoo) search for these guys. There is a guy who is in his 60s maybe even 70s now who just collects the 1964 Curt Flood Topps card. I first saw an article about him a couple of years back. I forget when he first decided to try to collect EVERY one, which is a very fruitless effort due to set collectors, player collectors and the occasional museum that for some reason or another has some cards for display, Halls of Fame for example. But the guy is trying to get ALL of them. I forget how many 1,000s of them he "currently" has. There are a couple of bloggers who are PCing one player that they are trying to get all of their cards of. Again player collectors and set collectors will make the ultimate goal of having ALL of the cards impossible. One of the bloggers collects Expos Tim Wallach and another is hunting down all the Josh Willingham's.