Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Only One To Return

I feel like my luck TTM and NY Giants are non-compatible.

Out of 13 attempts, which includes both stars and non-stars, only one player was nice enough to return one back to me.

That player, CB R.W. McQuarters.
If you don't remember, R.W. played a major role in the Giants run to Super Bowl 42 intercepting a pass in the first three rounds of the playoffs especially in the Division Round against Dallas where he intercepted Tony Romo in the end zone to end the game. He played for the Giants overall from the 2006-2008 seasons.

I sent this into R.W. right after I got the card in a pack and he sent it right back.

I actually haven't even tried to send any TTM to Giants players the last few years knowing I probably won't get lucky. But, I may try again this summer just to see. Will let you all know who I send it to and my rate of success.


  1. I might want to try that.
    What address are you sending them to ?

    1. I addressed it to the team then attn: to whatever player I was mailing it to

  2. I'm pretty sure McQuarters started out as a Bear though I can't recall how good he was or wasn't. Nice of him.

    1. He was okay and yes he played for the Bears and the 49ers (team that drafted him) and the Lions before the Giants.