Saturday, April 15, 2017

They Shot Hoops Once

Locally, I don't see much in terms of celebrities or sports players. It's not exactly the location for those type of people to live unless they are in hiding or want to be away from media or paparazzi.

However, one year, some Giants players came to the local college to help with a fundraiser. It's been so long and I was so young-as you can see these photos are done with an old Polaroid camera- that I don't honestly remember what the fundraiser was for or what year they came. All I knew was that my father and I had a fun time at the event even though many memories from it are now a blur.

I believe the Giants players came to verse the college team while also grabbing some fans from the crowd to join in. It was mainly kids who raised their hands to get the players attention so they could do a "slam dunk". Maybe something similar you would see with Globetrotters. I wasn't going to volunteer myself however as I was very shy. That's changed a bit over the years.

The players who showed up arrived wearing basketball jerseys with their football jersey number. This is 2-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl winner Dave Meggett. One of my favorite players from my childhood with his special teams work.

The bad part I just found out is that Meggett is serving a 30 year sentence for a few things he did including robbery. It's sad to see some of your favorite childhood players not knowing what to do after they retire from pro sports.

After they played a round of basketball, the players each sat a table in the back of the gymnasium for an autograph signing. here is a pic with Giants LB Pepper Johnson, Dave Meggett again and Stacy Robinson.

I still have the two special pieces of paper that the three players I got to sign, signed on including Dave Meggett, Chris Calloway and Stacy Robinson hanging up in the man cave.

This was the last time the players ever came to this event. I am just glad I was able to go to it.

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