Saturday, May 20, 2017

2017 NY Giants Draft Round 1:Evan Engram

I found a few minutes today to start a new series on the Giants 2017 NFL Draft, not something I have touched base with on here yet.

As some know, I hadn't bought any 2017 football cards up to the draft and without cards, it's kinda tough to do posts. Well, now that I finally have a few with a few more on the way, I thought I would give my thoughts on the selection.

Up first, well, the first round pick. A guy I just picked up cards of in a trade, TE Evan Engram.

There was so much speculation leading up to the Giants pick. They needed so much help on the offensive side. They didn't have a huge cap in the offseason and had to do their best with what they got. Obviously the big fish was landing Brandon Marshall to a deal which the Giants immediately wasted no time in getting. He alongside Odell and Shepard should solidify a pretty solid WR position. 

But, it didn't solidify a very weak offensive line. 

Many and most were thinking offensive lineman in the 2017 draft, and some with TE especially OJ Howard. I actually thought if one of the top runners fell the Giants would snag 'em but in my mind they were going oline. 

I was wrong.

In the end, Howard was snagged by the Bucs and the Giants landed the speedster TE in Evan Engram. It wasn't a name I knew so I had to do some research on him and come to find out, guy is pretty solid.

Engram had with his 4 years at Ole Miss made 162 receptions for 2,320 passing yards and averaged 14.3 yards a play. Not to mention 15 career TD's. He was also one of the fast TE's at the combine. This guy should give the Giants one more weapon they have lacked on offense in a position that has been filled with 1-year guys since the departure of Jeremy Shockey. I hope he brings some of the intensity that Shockey provided. Defenses early on in Jeremy's career had no answers and I hope it's the same way with Engram. Especially playing alongside the best weapons Eli has ever had.

If the offensive line can give Eli time paired with the flash of Perkins, this offense could be unstoppable. But, that's a big IF on the oline, it was pretty atrocious last season.

So time can only tell how he will do but I am looking forward to seeing him on the field and finding his rookies in packs and hopefully an autograph soon.


  1. I think he will be a surprise star for years to come for the Giants.