Monday, September 11, 2017


There isn't much I can say about last night's dreadful offensive showing in the Giants 19-3 loss to the Cowboys.

All I know that it doesn't all fall on this guy being out.

Some of it is on this guy's shoulders. He missed a few wide open throws last night 

But most of the blame as I expected falls on their terrible oline. They couldn't run block and couldn't protect Eli at all letting a second string defense of sorts from Dallas manhandle them.

At least the defense played like they were supposed to. The Giants were lucky more points weren't given up with the defense being on the field sp much with the lack of offensive ball movement.

This is just week 1 and there is time for adjustments to be made. Not sure how they are going to fix the oline but at least Odell will be back for Week 2 against the Lions on MNF.

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