Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Oh boy. Words cannot express the way this season has started out for the G-men. The offense continues to stumble and the defense isn't playing it's best either.

Whose fault is it overall? Well, the teams.

The offensive line continues to let Eli get smacked around especially LT Flowers, they are not blocking well enough for any kind of run game, when Eli had time, not very often, he held it too long and the WR's couldn't get open. Then came the big what-would-have-been 30 yard gain drop by Brandon Marshall in the 3rd quarter, the failed kickoff and some bad coverage in special teams. Not to mention a defense that couldn't keep Matthew Stafford from running on them. They also had two key starters out.

How are they going to fix these problems before things implode? Well, that oline is still the biggest key. Fix that, get a run game, throw short quick passes, keep the defense off the field more often and practice special teams. It sounds easy, but it's not going to be. They don't have a whole lot they can do with the oline unless they take a look at free agency.

There was one bright spot last night,

Evan caught his very first NFL touchdown and looked like the best WR on the field last night. 

I am hopeful still for this team that they can turn things around against the Eagles. If you all remember correctly, the 2007 Super Bowl winning team started out 0-2 and looked worst than this one. Can this team be another version of that one? Well, it's gotta start with a tough Eagles road win.

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