Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Always Thinking I Should

Every time I get a run at a rainbow, I always think I should try and finish it.

When I try to think I can do it, I give up half way or don't even attempt to do it.

So once again after adding three of the needed ones for a Evan Engram Optic rainbow, I may try to chase these down. So if you guys have or see any, throw them my way.
I think the hardest part of chasing a rainbow is finding that 1/1 or paying for it. Which is what stops me in my mind but all apart of having fun in the hobby is the chase whether you finish it or not.
I did accomplish one in my lifetime a few years ago with Rueben Randle but I would kinda like to update a new Giants one with a current player.
How many of you guys have completed a rainbow, chasing one or thought about it then gave up?

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