Sunday, September 1, 2019

You Will See Them Again!

Hey everyone!
Before you feel like you are suffering from deja vu, I am here to tell you that the posts you have seen on this blog, the past 100 or so, will be making an appearance on my main blog Sport Card Collectors  in the month of September in the late nights and as a marathon on the NY Giants opening day vs the Cowboys.

I feel like the posts need a bigger stage and it will give me some time to update some things in my collecting instead of taking that time to make posts for that blog. So I am being lazy that's all.

So those of you who actually saw these posts, which only averaged about 14-25 views on each or commented, about two per post, will be seeing them again. So you can revisit deja vu on Sport Card Collectors or not read those days. It's completely up to you.

Just remember I warned you ahead of time :)

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