Sunday, January 24, 2021

Almost As Good

Back in 1996, Zenith was released and had what I considered to be one of the best looking inserts of its time in Z-Team. The acetate-rainbow card with black Z and colored player picture really stands out especially up close. Another one of those you need to see in hand and not on here kind of card.

I was fortunate at the time to had pack pulled one of Emmitt Smith at the really tough odds of 1:72 or in other teams, 1:3 boxes. That memory has stayed with me since and last year I sought out to complete the entire 18-card set which I was able to do.

While I was chasing that set, Panini decided to bring back the iconic Zenith brand and also the Z-Team insert.

The design of the product was basically a flashback to its 90's predecessors taking designs from 95,96 and 97 Zenith football.

The Z-Team insert for the product took that 1996 Z-Team design I was such a huge fan of an added a new upgrade to it. I couldn't wait to see one in hand.

I went to see the checklist for the product and saw a NY Giant was actually on it unlike 1996 and knew I had to find a way to land one. The only problem, you combine the cost of Zenith football box, the fact these are the only insert in the product and the base versions are limited to 50, these are not easy to find.

Fortunately for me, one was on bid and I still had some gift card left over from Christmas so I took the chance and went for it.....$12 later....and it was mine.

The version I landed though was not the base /50, it was the Gold /10.
The Giant on the checklist was no other than Saquon Barkley. Design of the card is similar to that one of 1996 but with a new touch. The card isn't acetate, however it has a thick cardstock. The rainbow shine is still there but it's all over the card and there is more touches of gold foil on it. The numbering is hard to see as it blends in with his shoe.

The back of the card is basically the same as the front but with writing.

Panini did a pretty solid job with this card and I would say it's almost as good as the original.

The next card I need in this set is the Saquon base card which seem to be a little steep for me so it will be awhile before that happens.


  1. Love the Pinnacle Z-Team inserts from the 90's!

    1. I do as well! Insert wasn't the same in the 2000's