Saturday, January 23, 2021

I Didn't Have It!

I kept seeing these 2008 Topps Chrome Super Bowl 42 Eli Manning subset card come across my eBay window shopping feed when I was looking him up and I thought to myself, pretty sure I have this.

But, as all collectors should, I double checked and didn't have it. I had the regular Topps version.

This is the problem I am facing when I don't have a checklist ready of the Eli Manning cards I have. I am having to dig out the binder every time and it's a pain. It's probably time I start to put my Eli cards on TCDB so I know what I have already and it may be a tad easier to check. I prefer to have my own excel checklist to go along with the others I have since it's easier to scroll through and less time consuming.

Oh well. I will get to it at some point. For now I will just dig through the binder and see what I have.

The assumption you must have made by now was that I grabbed that 2008 Topps Chrome Eli Manning Super Bowl 42 subset card, as long as you haven't already skipped over my gibberish to see it, if you didn't cheat you would be right. Not only did I grab it, but I also grabbed a couple parallels of it as well.
The back of the card gives the stats of Super Bowl 42 of each player. This Super Bowl meant a lot to me so I try to grab a variety of different cards to celebrate it when I can.

2008 Topps Chrome had its fair share of parallels such as Red, Blue, Superfractor, Refractor, Xfactor, Copper and Gold uncirculated refractors. 

I am not sure they made all of the cards including the subsets in all refractor versions or just the base cards, but these two parallels were the only ones I could find of the subset card.
Regular Refractor


Here are all three of them together

If there are other parallels to this collection, I will hopefully find and add them later on as my chase for Eli Manning cards I don't have rages on. Right now, I am just happy with what I have added.


  1. I'm a big fan of the 2008 Topps design. It's so cool that they used it for baseball and basketball too.

    1. I am as well and I am not one for border designs


  2. The 2008 is one of my favorite, being the black boarder. The added bonus was the SB highlights. They had this card, the catch and Burress' TD. Must have for a Giants fan. I highlighted this set a week ago and tooks picks of the whole set. See the link below.

    Do you prefer TCDB or SCF for your listings? I know SCF has the breakdown of stats on what you have, but I don't think that was available in TCDB. I have been using both so now.

    1. I have never tried SCF. Only started playing around on TCDB with my Allan HOuston PC. Haven't used it otherwise but thinking it was time to add my Eli to it since I don't have a worksheet like I do with Rodney, Kerry and Griffey.