Wednesday, February 24, 2021


In the trading card world, mistakes can be made.

They are made by collectors like us and they are also made by the manufacturers.

Back in 2012, Panini made one of those mistakes and it took me a few years to catch it.

What appeared to be a Rueben Randle autograph pull from a pack I opened turned out to be a mistake.

That mistake was not noticed by me until a few years later when someone sent me a RAK with another copy of the card in it. This is Randle's signature.

Turns out the autograph I pulled was actually of 2012 Giants first round Draft Pick David Wilson and not that of Rueben Randle.

Here are the cards side by side for comparison.

It's an honest mistake and a fun collection piece for myself. Nothing I am going to have fixed or complain about like some collectors would.

I also own the real David Wilson Momentum autograph rookie auto as well and wonder if there is a Randle autograph on a Wilson card. If I ever find one and if it even exists, I would pick it up for this set. I mean that Randle autograph had to go somewhere right?


  1. Cool error card. I almost bid on a Tony Gwynn Jr. card with his father's sticker graph attached to it by mistake.

    1. That error card would have been even cooler to own if you had bought it!