Friday, July 30, 2021

RAK Monday Adds

 Every Monday on Twitter, I run a RAK Monday where you post up wants and others try to help you out. If you are chosen to be helped out, you must pass it on to someone else. Or just give and not take, that's always great too.

Usually the thread goes pretty well and I see a good amount of both. I also join in and receive as well as the administrator of the thread.

One of my last Monday's I got a solid haul from @dtgordo.
Odell Beckham Jr. I really miss Odell, just not his antics. I am hoping their top pick in this years draft Kadarius Toney can be of similar in play style.

Anyone miss Upper Deck NFL cards yet...(I miss Osi's pass rushing)

Because I do.  They were always creative with their products.

Thanks again to @dtgordo for the mail day. I appreciate it. 

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