Saturday, July 24, 2021


There was always one team in the 90's the Giants played that gave me nightmares, that team, their rival the Dallas Cowboys.

Not only did the Cowboys always found a way to beat the Giants, sometimes embarrassingly, but it always felt that Emmitt Smith and Deion Sanders were the main reasons why.

Today's card came from 1997 Pro Line and features one of those said players.

Deion always found a way to hurt the Giants. Whether it was as a receiver, a kick/punt returner or as a defender. He was always a pain in the Giants side.

Of course a lot of the times having Dave Brown as your QB didn't help the Giants cause either. But, he did have a great game in the late 1996 matchup surprising the Cowboys with a 20-6 victory.

The Rivalries insert was made up of 20 cards and fell 1:35 packs. Dave Brown was the only Giant featured in the set.

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  1. Sometimes I get caught up on trivial things, so I decided to see how many times Deion picked off Brown. Any guesses? Only once (well based on my research). I would have guessed at least 2 or 3 picks.

    P.S. The Cowboys are my least favorite football team... unless the 49ers are doing really, really well... then the slide into the #1 spot.

    1. I would have guess that at least with the 20 or so ints Brown threw a season