Friday, August 13, 2021

Lots Of Blue

I have shown off most of the trade mail day I did with Shane from Cheap Wax Wednesday, now it's time to show off the rest in what the last post on here.

Why could this be the last post when football season is just around the corner? Well, the realization of running three blogs is starting to take it's toll. This one, the least favorite of readers, would be the first sacrifice I will make. Could there be another blog leaving after this decision? There may be. Am I shutting the door completely on this blog? No but for now any future NY Giants posts will take place on Matt's Wonderful Blog Of Hobbies.

So, I say let's go out with a bang if this is the way it completely ends by showing off some great Giants cards I got from Shane.

Here is the gallery,

Some great cards huh? I agree.

Thanks again to Shane for the trade.

And thanks to you guys for checking out today's post!

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