Wednesday, August 4, 2021

More Eli's Arrived Part 1

It has been awhile since any Eli Manning cards made their way to my place, but in my recent trade with Cheap Wax Wednesday Guru Shane, some finally arrived.

Today, I am only showing off half of the Eli mail day as I will tackle the rest in the next post. 

2008 Upper Deck football heroes green parallel /350

2015 Topps Gold /2015

2008 Topps Chrome refractor. I can't honestly remember if I already had this one or not, but being a Super Bowl card, it's a keeper regardless. I have plenty of Super Bowl 42 and 46 duplicates but those two games are forever in my brain so the cards aren't going anywhere.

And a 2004 National Trading Card Day from Press Pass of Eli Manning, which also happens to be his rookie year. I do have one already but is a little rough. This one looks much better.

Part two is loaded with Eli relics, so hope you are sitting for that one.