Friday, November 12, 2021

I Wanted Them

You ever just see a card that you just want and get it just because of that purpose? I would hope so, that's what collecting to me is all about.

My latest additions were finds on eBay that popped up and caught my attention.
This Dark Horses insert from 2021 Certified looks great, even better in person. I like the black/rainbow foil offset.

Another Saquon. This time as a Franchise Favorite. I am not sure with the last two seasons if he fits in that wording anymore. I am still a fan and am hopeful he can turn things around once he gets back in to play.

My final card, Azeez Ojulari autograph. It was more of a need than a want. I needed his autograph for my Giants collection, but wanted one in a Giants uniform.

I have more new Giants card additions to show off soon once my Burbank Sportcards order arrives. Until then, have a great Friday.

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