Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Coming Soon: Giants Blog returns

 I have rescinded my decision on this blog and I am going to keep it as a NY Giants blog.

All of the posts on here are being transferred and republished on Cards Over Coffee where all box breaks and reviews will be posted for now on.

This blog will become a NY Giants blog again down the road. I made this decision after working on my Giants card project which has taken me two months so far and wanted a place to post my hard work and my collection that I am proud of.

Along with a team I am proud of.

So if you want to see box breaks, go to CARDS OVER COFFEE.

If you would like to take to see my Giants collection, hang out here. I plan on posting a mix of mail days and every player collection I have. I need to do more planning on that part.

Enjoy and thanks for understanding!

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