Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday's With Rodney:1995 Pro Line Classic Series II Printers Proof

Pro Line was one of my favorite releases in 1995. It had a down-to-earth simple design that was  brought out some full-colored action photography.

When I look at today's Hampton card, I don't look at the value or the fact it's a parallel, I look at the bold colors that are jumping off the cardboard.

There were 75 cards in this parallel set that fell at a rate of 1:18 packs. So you only see one-per-box. They were an obvious parallel with the bold words Printers Proof done in shiny foil across the front.

If you would like to help me narrow down my search for all of the Rodney Hampton cards in the universe and would like to donate some you have dusting around your house, check my wantlist HERE and see if you have something I need.  I am a little more than half way there but you never know what you may have that I don't.
Thoughts on today's card is welcomed in comments!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Welcome To The Meadowlands

Once upon a time, many light years ago,my father and I rode with a buddy of his and took a long ride and got to see my very first NY Giants game way back on December 12th 1993 when they took on the Colts. The Giants dominated the Jeff George led Colts that day 20-6 mostly because of the running of my guy Rodney Hampton who rushed for over 170 yards that day. The sad part was I wasn't able to get any pictures from the game to help reminisce about it and the only thing I remembered was how bitter cold it was. I did however VHS record the game and still have a copy of it even though you can't watch it as well due to aging of the tape.

At least I was able to watch Phil Simms be QB for the Giants.

The following year, we took another trip with another one of my dad's buddies almost a year later on December 11th 1994 to watch the Giants take on the Bengals. This time I made sure my father had a camera.

This game I actually remember a bit more and not just because of the pictures. Just memory this time. The winds they always talk about in Giants Stadium, those are real and they were whipping around that day. The game itself was a back and forth affair. The Giants were trying to be a .500 team while the Bengals were trying to pull for an upset. The G-Men led the game for most of it before Cincy tied it at 20 in the 4th quarter with a Jeff Blake led drive.

Once again, my man Rodney Hampton was the hero rushing for a little over 70 yards in the game with already a first quarter TD and then closed the game out with a late scoring game winning TD for the Giants, 27-20 victory.
Here are a few of the best pics I got from the game.

Sadly, this was the last time I have seen the Giants in person and the last time I will ever see the Meadowlands as the Giants have the new stadium now, Metlife. My goal someday is to make it to another game, hopefully before Eli Manning retires. Tickets have gone up a lot since those days and life is a bit busier now, but I am hopeful still I will get to see them at least one more time in my life.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Giants In The Mail:#PWEPayItForward With Eli!

It has been a few weeks since I have been able to do one of these posts as Giants don't arrive in my mail box as often as they used to. Mostly because I am not buying right now and my trades have been decreased due to funding with shipping. So it's a stinky situation, but at least I have some already to enjoy and write about.

Today's mail day however is from a good friend of mine I have known on Twitter for a few years now in @JGfan24ever. He's one of the friendliest and generous collectors I have got to know. Every so often, he will send me a surprise PWE full of goodness just because he is a good guy. I try to respond to him with one back as well later on when I get something I think he will like. It's like a form of trading, but not exactly.

Monday, one arrived with three Eli's within with two of them I had seen him post on Twitter. I think he has gotten used to the fact I will always comment on his pictures when I see Giants cards being posted ;) Anyways, out of his kindness once again, he mailed them to me.

Up first, a Prestige Eli from 2014. I liked this design for Prestige as it focused on team colors and it stands out.

Second, is a new Eli base card from 2016 Panini Prizm Draft Picks. This is a product I never had the chance to open.
The final card I totally fell in love with on Twitter, an Ole Miss die-cut refractor shine of Eli from the 2016 Prizm Draft Picks product. This card is even more stunning in person.
With these Eli's in my PC, my total card count jumps to 307 different ones. You can see this number and other breakdowns in the tabs at the top of the blog along with a want list to. Go check them out!

A huge thanks goes out to @JGfan24ever for the mail day. If you are not following him yet, why not?? Go give the guy a follow! I hope to return the favor back to you soon!