Tuesday, August 22, 2017

0-2, Some Concerns!

Oh boy. Falling 0-2 in preseason isn't a big concern, but watching that low blow last night on Odell Beckham Jr and him not making it to the locker room has to be. He is the key to the offense, actually, he is the offense. Losing him for any long or short period of time and my dreams of a Super Bowl run for this team goes down the drain. Luckily at this point they are just saying it's a minor ankle injury and he is fine. To me, it looked like his knee got nailed. They are running further tests so I am praying for you Odell!

The offense continues to be dreadful to watch. The oline is the biggest concern not protecting Eli as he got his pretty hard last night and not leaving any room for Perkins to run. I can't even tell if Perk is any good because he can't be given a chance to be. It's not the running back's fault, it's the oline!!!!!


As much as I hate to say it, I think the offensive starters need to see even more time in the third preseason to see if this team can actually score a TD. But, don't let Odell play and I don't expect him to til the season premier vs Dallas.

I don't care if they lose all four games, but they gotta get that oline and running game to work and stay healthy most of all.