Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Giants Are Back!

That's right. Big Blue was back in the building yesterday for their first offseason workouts. Coach Shurmur got to meet the team and address them and some guy that was supposed to be traded arrived as well. Yes, Odell Beckham was there and will always be there. No surprise to me.

The next exciting thing coming up is the draft and I have no clue at all what move they will make. With a  top pick and a rebuilt team, I can only get more excited!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Free Agency Week!

This week is a holiday week in the NFL when teams will be gifted some free agents and there are plenty of big names out there to grab.

The Giants already made a big splash snagging LB Alec Ogletree in a trade with the Rams last week which I think was a great move. But, there is still plenty of moves needed. 

The G-men are rumored with many offensive linemen and even RB Jerrick Mckinnon from the Vikings. I hope at least the offensive lineman part is true. The biggest problem is the Giants need to fix an entire oline and grab some secondary help but have about $14 mil to do it with. It won't be very easy to grab players with not much cap space. Hopefully they will cut a guy like Brandon Marshall to make more space. I think Roger Lewis Jr can take Marshall spot alongside Beckham and Shepard.

What players are you hopeful your team grabs?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Feeling Blue Today

This season has been atrocious and disappointing, but today marked a day where it became a sad season as well.

Coach Mcadoo decided it was time to move on from Eli Manning

To this guy. 

Eli was given the chance to start  just to keep his streak alive, but was told he would not play a full game so Eli decided to take a step back and let Geno start. Eli starts to win a game and finish it. Not to play it like a preseason game and get pulled.  

He deserved a better finish in Big Blue if this was it for him. It was a franchise he never missed a start for and one he poured his heart and soul into.  Not to mention won two rings with and was an incredible leader on and off the field.

You could tell in Eli's press conference he was not happy at all with the coaches decision and wasn't sure what his future will be with the team. 

All I can hope is that he hangs on and stays another year. This team when healthy is only a oline away from big things and a new coach and GM of course.

What do you guys think of Mcadoo bold move?

Monday, November 20, 2017

What An Ending!

The Giants notched their second win of the year thanks to a solid effort all around. Defense forced 3 turnovers, Eli didn't throw an interception, there was even some trickery.

The biggest play of the game, even though it is hard to choose just one, was the catch and touchdown (despite the refs bad call of saying he was down) was by Roger Lewis.

I snagged this autograph rookie Contenders card of him last year for $2 knowing the potential he had. He showed it yesterday.