Sunday, April 28, 2024

Rodney's Cardboard:2023 Certified Blue Autograph /30

Rodney's back, back again. Today's card is so far my favorite one of the run. 

When a card can match the team featured, it's always a big draw. Today's is the Blue Parallel and is numbered to just 30 copies. 

Card back looks the same as the rest in the series.

Here is an overall look at the chase in 2023 Certified for Rodney,
Base /199, Bronze /99, Pink /75, Orange /50Red /35Blue /30Teal /25, Gold /15, Purple /10, Green /5, and Black 1/1.

Here are the cards I have posted so far from this run,





More from this run and others to come. Hope to see you back next Sunday for the next one!

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  1. Nice color match! This rainbow is coming along nicely.


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