Friday, December 9, 2022

Single Card Mail Day:2005 Bowman Coaching Prospects Autograph Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis was a former 1st round draft pick in 1983 NFL Draft who made it only three seasons in the league before getting into the coaching world.
One of his many coaching stops was for the NY Giants as their defensive coordinator from 2004 to 2006 in which he did a fairly decent job with the unit at the time. Many thought he was Head Coaching material but never got the the NFL at least.

He did get his one head coach opportunity which was for the Birmingham Iron who played in the AAF League that only lasted one year.

I grabbed this autograph for less than $!0 as a unique addition to my Giants PC. It is the first card I have of a non-head coach autograph.

Thoughts on my latest card welcomed in comments.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Show Me The Way: 1998 Ultra Platinum Medallion

It has been quite some time since I posted a new Charles Way card. It's mainly because I haven't added any as my PC focus has been on other NY Giants players, hence all of the Eli Manning cards I have been posting.

But, when I see a new and fairly tough Way card to get, I add it.

Today's card ranks up there as one of the toughest Ways I have added to date.

I never once pulled one of these in packs of Ultra despite all of the packs I opened. There are no odds on pulling these either which is what makes them so tough to find.

There are also only 98 of these to find. Which makes them extremely rare.

Luckily my friend Shane from Cheap Wax Wednesday fame found this one for me to add.  Thanks Shane!

Thoughts on today's card and if you own any Platinum Medallions is welcomed in comments.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Eli's Cardboard:2004 Fleer Greats

Since I last posted on here, the Giants have started to crumble some as the playoff push is on. They currently sit in the 6th spot in the NFC with a 7-4 record.

They cannot continue to lose with a tough schedule ahead with four more divisional games left. The loss to Seattle could still come back to bite them if they lose this weekend and Seattle wins.

Can a Daniel Jones led team make the playoffs like the hero I am featuring today? Guess we will see.

Eli had an 8-4 record in the playoffs along with the Super Bowl runs for the Giants and they haven't seen a playoff game since Eli played. I think we are due for one.

Today's Eli card is his Fleer Greats rookie. The card features Eli and has a team matching border color.

The rookie cards were numbered to 999 that year.

Thoughts on my latest add and if you think the Giants will hold on to that final spot welcomed in comments.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

The Score 2022 Autograph Chase

It was nice to see this year's Score football release come out a little later so the rookies can be featured in their NFL uniforms as opposed to college ones which is the typical thing for Score.

Which made me like this year's product even more than usual. Not too mention, it included a ton of Giants autographs on its checklist.

So, when I saw that Jashaun Corbin was apart of that checklist,I had to have it. I didn't have his autograph yet and he was a part of the Giants 2022 rookie class.

Next up, even though Kyle Rudolph was not great for the Giants, he still played for them, and I still wanted his autograph in blue. Well, Score had one for me.

Both of these autographs combined I paid less than $10 for.

After landing both though, I had a crazy idea. What if I chased all of the Giants base autographs from Score? How cool would that be?

So here is what I would have to chase if I decide to continue,
Azeez Ojulari
Daniel Jones
Eli Manning (has only a base red zone /20)
Evan Neal (rookies signature green)
Jashaun Corbin
Kyle Rudolph
Kayvon Thibodeaux
Kenny Golladay
Michael Strahan
WanDale Robinson (rookies signature green)
Xavier McKinney

Here is what I would have left after today's post,
So here is what I would have to chase if I decide to continue,
Azeez Ojulari
Daniel Jones
Eli Manning (has only a base red zone /20)
Evan Neal (rookies signature green)
Jashaun Corbin
Kyle Rudolph
Kayvon Thibodeaux
Kenny Golladay
Michael Strahan
WanDale Robinson (rookies signature green)
Xavier McKinney

A lot of these won't be easy if I decide to continue such as Eli Manning and WanDale Robinson. 

I want to also admit before I finish up today's post that I do have two more done off the list I will save for another day's post. Stay tuned for that.

If any of you have any of them to trade to me, just let me know in comments or send me an email at I always have plenty to trade.

Thoughts on my possible project welcomed in comments.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Player Profile:Ottis Anderson

It has been a while since I posted in this series so thought it was due for a new post.

Today, I am showing off five of my favorite Ottis Anderson cards. 

Overall, my collection consists of only 18 cards out of the possible 467 cards he has.

Ottis was first drafted to the St. Louis Cardinals where he spent his first 8 seasons. But, it's when he was traded to the Giants where he shined even more as he won two Super Bowl titles in Super Bowl XXI and Super Bowl XXV and was MVP in one of them.

Speaking of the Super Bowls he was in.

Always liked this photo. It's outside the box which Upper Deck was really great with.

Fx foil. Sign me up!

There's Stadium Club again with the action photography.

Thoughts on my cards above, Ottis Anderson, if you own any of his cards or if you collect him is welcomed in comments today.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Eli's Cardboard:2004 Upper Deck Pro Sigs

When you can find a Future Hall Of Famer's rookie card for $2.50, do you say no?

The answer is no you don't.
So, I grabbed this Eli for my collection. Even though I have a lot of Eli rookies, I don't have a lot of his rookies so when I can grab one cheap, I take it.

This card isn't the greatest looking card, but it's new.
Back of card.

I have picked up a few cheaper Eli rookies as well I will show off in upcoming posts.

Thoughts on my latest add welcomed in comments.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Pack Pulled Again

I hate bye weeks. It's so boring.

But I can say I am still excited about the future of this team after a 6-2 start. The Seahawks loss was a tough one to swallow as the team reverted back to looking a little like last year, but I still feel with the schedule they have remaining, they can still make a run at this thing.

All I want out of this team for the second half of the season is a playoff berth. One playoff game would bring me so much joy.

I guess we will see how they play out of the bye this week against Houston.

Now onto today's post. This is almost like a sequel to a previous post where I pack pulled some Giants. It doesn't happen often, so I got to celebrate it.

Recently, I started busting some older packs I had sitting around and one of those was a 2021 Prestige Hanger pack.

To my surprise, I landed three NY Giants pulls.

A Living Legends of Jeremy Shockey. Still my favorite Tight End ever to watch.

Darius Slayton Xtra Points Astral Stars parallel. I just picked him up for my fantasy football team that is struggling at the WR position.

Final card I found was an Xtra Points Green of Daniel Jones numbered to 199.

Pretty decent finds for my collection.

Thoughts on my latest adds, the second half of the Giants season and what you expect from your team in the second half of the season welcomed in comments.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Rodney's Cardboard:1992 Action Packed Mint Parallel

Welcome back for a NEW Rodney's Cardboard and another football Sunday!

Today, the Giants take on the Seattle Seahawks on the road who also have been a surprise. Whoever expected Geno Smith to outplay Russell Wilson this season?? Not me.

For today's Rodney's Cardboard, I am showing off a pretty unique and rare card I never thought I would see. It isn't easy to find new Rodney's anymore but occasionally, once every few months, there is a new one that pops up.

Which is why I didn't ever expect to see this one.

This is a 1992 Action Packed Mint Parallel. The card is the base card, but completely covered in gold foil.

The back of the card is also covered in the gold foil, besides the picture of Rodney, and the card is numbered 138/500. I have personally never seen one of these and can only imagine how hard a card numbered to 500 is actually to find in the early 90's.

Thanks to my buddy Shane from Cheap Wax Wednesday fame for helping me acquire this big need.

Thoughts on today's latest Rodney, if you have seen or owned one of these and what early 90's card are you still chasing welcomed in comments.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday, GO GIANTS!