Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Published Post #200

Can't believe I have hit such a milestone on here.

I took a good year off from complaining about another losing Giants season, showing off new pickups and upcoming Big Blue chases but yet his this milestone regardless.

This blog does not get much traffic at all nor does it have anywhere close to the following of my other blogs but yet I make it a purpose to return here anytime I have a minute just to post a card or a thought on my team.

Today's cards are from a trade I did with Dions Autograph Collection.

Red Cracked Ice

Green Shimmer

Both of these cards look so much better in person and once again when I get two cards in a series like this a "gotta chase the rainbow" comes to mind. But, honestly, I know I can never afford the 1/1 so it sets me back at points where I know better than to do so.

Even though Julian Love is cheaper to come by than some of the Giants I have attempted before, it's still not in the books. I will however enjoy them as they are and if others fall in my lap, let it be.

Do you guys ever get that temptation when there is a run on parallel cards you pickup?

Thursday, May 7, 2020