Thursday, January 28, 2021

The Mosaic Chase

I know..I know...I have posted a lot of Eli Manning cards on here to kick of this blogs re-birthing but I promise to show off other Giants as I go along. Right now as I type, well not literally, I am gathering cards to post and to show off.

However, for now, here is another Eli post and another side project I have of his.

I wasn't too much of a fan early on when I saw images of Mosaic release, but when I started adding a few of the cards to my Giant collection, specifically my Eli Manning PC, I really started to dig it. The only problem I have with it is identifying all of the parallels. So I usually take my research to eBay to help.

The six Mannings above were the kickoff to see how many of his Mosaic cards I could add without breaking the wallet, thanks to Burbank Sport Cards for the good deals on those. 
As for the latest add that arrived yesterday, this Red parallel, it was added thanks to my good friend @Brent3323 who not only sent along some Eli's I knew were coming but this one as well.

Here is the start of my is the start of my collection of Eli Mosaic cards. Well, the base. I have some of the inserts and parallels of those as well.

Thanks to Brent for the assist on a new Mosaic add.

I am not sure how far I will run with this but hope to add a few more of the cheaper ones would be nice.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The X Factor

The NFC East title came down to Week 17 of the NFL Season with all four teams playing interdivision games. The first matchup was the Cowboys who went to Metlife to play the NY Giants while the final game of the day was between the Washington Football Team and the Philadelphia Eagles. The winner of the Cowboys/Giants game could win the division if Washington lost to Philly. Otherwise a Washington win meant they were in.

Dallas came into the contest red hot on a winning streak while the Giants were having an end of season collapse after an impressive win over the Seahawks on the road.

And just like the NFC East, the game came down to the final minute.

The Cowboys were driving for the win until Pass Rusher Leonard Williams applied the pressure on Andy Dalton who just threw the wobbly ball up into the air hoping for a miracle into the hands of no other than highly touted Giants rookie safety Xavier Mckinney helping seal their victory.

It was the rookies first career NFL interception and the biggest play in his short playing time.

The Giants had very high hopes for Mckinney after drafting him in the second round but he
suffered a broken foot in training camp which caused him to miss much of his rookie season. He didn't get any game action until late November.

But, in those few games he had 25 tackles, 1 int and 1 pass defended which led to Pro Football Focus naming him a breakout candidate for the 2021 season.

After he sealed the Giants first victory over the Cowboys in many years, I went and began a search for his assumed to be top rookie card in Prizm to celebrate. I found one at .99 BIN and free shipping and snagged it.

I have a few McKinney rookies but with Prizm being just released at the time of the victory I had to make sure to get the best one.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Last Start

The day was December 15th 2019. The NY Giants were playing at home against the Miami Dolphins and their starting QB Daniel Jones was out with an injury. So in came their backup quarterback....Eli Manning. It feels weird even typing Eli as a backup. 

The situation was what it was as the Giants needed to see what they had in Jones before the season ended and the feel was Eli was in his last season anyways. I also think it was good to have someone like Eli coach Jones up while he was still there.

Eli went on that day with 20-for-28 passing, 283 yards with two touchdowns and three interceptions in a 36-20 win, which also snapped the Giants 9 game losing streak. I was not happy that I wasn't able to watch the game as the Patriots played on CBS instead, but at least the Pats game ended early so I could watch the very emotional ending at Metlife.

The chants Eli ruled the day as Manning was chanted before the first snap and his last and most of the 4th quarter. You could tell and feel the emotion across Eli's face every time he exited the field especially at the end of the game. Even at home I started chanting for Eli and felt emotional myself watching the quarterback who led my Giants to two Super Bowls victories over the hated Patriots exit the field for the final time as a NY Giants starting quarterback. The two Super Bowl wins were my first two wins I got to see as I wasn't into football back when the Giants won their first two.

When I found out that Panini had created one of the on-demand cards to commemorate Eli's last start I had to have it. I paid a little more than I usually do for a card like that but it was worth it to me. Looks like the price may have been a little more with only 86 made.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Almost As Good

Back in 1996, Zenith was released and had what I considered to be one of the best looking inserts of its time in Z-Team. The acetate-rainbow card with black Z and colored player picture really stands out especially up close. Another one of those you need to see in hand and not on here kind of card.

I was fortunate at the time to had pack pulled one of Emmitt Smith at the really tough odds of 1:72 or in other teams, 1:3 boxes. That memory has stayed with me since and last year I sought out to complete the entire 18-card set which I was able to do.

While I was chasing that set, Panini decided to bring back the iconic Zenith brand and also the Z-Team insert.

The design of the product was basically a flashback to its 90's predecessors taking designs from 95,96 and 97 Zenith football.

The Z-Team insert for the product took that 1996 Z-Team design I was such a huge fan of an added a new upgrade to it. I couldn't wait to see one in hand.

I went to see the checklist for the product and saw a NY Giant was actually on it unlike 1996 and knew I had to find a way to land one. The only problem, you combine the cost of Zenith football box, the fact these are the only insert in the product and the base versions are limited to 50, these are not easy to find.

Fortunately for me, one was on bid and I still had some gift card left over from Christmas so I took the chance and went for it.....$12 later....and it was mine.

The version I landed though was not the base /50, it was the Gold /10.
The Giant on the checklist was no other than Saquon Barkley. Design of the card is similar to that one of 1996 but with a new touch. The card isn't acetate, however it has a thick cardstock. The rainbow shine is still there but it's all over the card and there is more touches of gold foil on it. The numbering is hard to see as it blends in with his shoe.

The back of the card is basically the same as the front but with writing.

Panini did a pretty solid job with this card and I would say it's almost as good as the original.

The next card I need in this set is the Saquon base card which seem to be a little steep for me so it will be awhile before that happens.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

I Didn't Have It!

I kept seeing these 2008 Topps Chrome Super Bowl 42 Eli Manning subset card come across my eBay window shopping feed when I was looking him up and I thought to myself, pretty sure I have this.

But, as all collectors should, I double checked and didn't have it. I had the regular Topps version.

This is the problem I am facing when I don't have a checklist ready of the Eli Manning cards I have. I am having to dig out the binder every time and it's a pain. It's probably time I start to put my Eli cards on TCDB so I know what I have already and it may be a tad easier to check. I prefer to have my own excel checklist to go along with the others I have since it's easier to scroll through and less time consuming.

Oh well. I will get to it at some point. For now I will just dig through the binder and see what I have.

The assumption you must have made by now was that I grabbed that 2008 Topps Chrome Eli Manning Super Bowl 42 subset card, as long as you haven't already skipped over my gibberish to see it, if you didn't cheat you would be right. Not only did I grab it, but I also grabbed a couple parallels of it as well.
The back of the card gives the stats of Super Bowl 42 of each player. This Super Bowl meant a lot to me so I try to grab a variety of different cards to celebrate it when I can.

2008 Topps Chrome had its fair share of parallels such as Red, Blue, Superfractor, Refractor, Xfactor, Copper and Gold uncirculated refractors. 

I am not sure they made all of the cards including the subsets in all refractor versions or just the base cards, but these two parallels were the only ones I could find of the subset card.
Regular Refractor


Here are all three of them together

If there are other parallels to this collection, I will hopefully find and add them later on as my chase for Eli Manning cards I don't have rages on. Right now, I am just happy with what I have added.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Eli's Clear Shot

Sometimes you never know when a chase will start. 

I was window shopping on eBay, something I do often, and found this 2020 Panini Illusions Clear Shots insert card. What caught my attention first was the fact it was a picture from Super Bowl 46 and I believe the play where Eli threw a short slant TD pass to Victor Cruz for the first touchdown of the game and this was his reaction afterwards.

Anything with the Giants Super Bowl wins I try to snag up.

So I grabbed the base insert above.

That's until I found out there were parallels to this card and then I went a little crazy. Good thing I got a eBay gift card for Christmas.

I grabbed all of the parallels available for this card that were listed and left myself with only 2 more to get before I would complete the rainbow. Of course one of those two is the 1/1 which may or may not ever pop up.

Here is the gallery of what I did grab,


Blue Sapphire

Pink /399

Red /149

Black /50

Green /10

The Light Blue is also on its way but the seller sent the card to the wrong person so I am waiting for it to head my way still.

Here is the group all together. I think by far the color parallels stand out more than the base insert does.

I am hoping I can find the Gold /25 (was listed and I just missed it) and the Purple 1/1.