Saturday, December 31, 2022

Given A Heads Up

Being the last post of the year, I wanted to make it a good card to end with.

A buddy of mine on Twitter owns a copy of today's card and knew that I had wanted one for myself, so he had been keeping an eye out for cheaper ones not listed on eBay.

When a copy popped up recently, he sent me a link the link to eBay and I spent a week watching it. I had saved my final $10 on a gift card to eBay and I was hoping it was going to be less than that.

The week went by and I put my bid in....and landed the card for ,99 which is cool for a RARE CASE HIT!!

This is a 2015 Topps Presidential Celebrations card of Coach Tom Coughlin alongside President George Bush. These 14 cards features Super Bowl winning coaches at the White House.

The back just gives the details of the day.
I noticed when looking up the checklist that the Giants have a second card for Super Bowl 46 with President Obama that I will definitely need to find.

Thanks again to my buddy Chris for the heads up on this one.

Thoughts on this card welcomed in comments!

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!


  1. Cool card. Never even knew this set existed. Looks like there's a Packers w/Obama on the checklist. Just added it to my eBay watchlist. Happy New Year!

  2. They need to have more celebration cards in their sets. Congrats and Happy New Year!


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