Monday, September 26, 2022

Stained Glass Saquon

It's Monday! A fabulous Monday...for now.

Who knows how I will feel tonight. I may be screaming and yelling or smiling with tears.

The Gmen go all white tonight at home against the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football and I am all for it. I am wondering if I should wear a white t-shirt at home tonight or if my superstition of not wearing my Saquon jersey like I did for the first two weeks will get to me.

Either way, I can't wait.

Speaking of Saquon, I pulled off a trade last week for a Case Hit of him with @SpartanKing1534.
These 2021 Mosaic Stained Glass inserts are not easy to find. I know I have never pulled one so when I saw @SpartanKing1534 tweet he had one of Saquon for trade or sell, I jumped in.

The deal went fast and we both got our mail days on Saturday.

Stained Glass isn't the coolest case hit pull I have seen, but isn't bad.

Thanks again for the trade @SpartanKing1534.

Thoughts on this card welcomed in comments.

I am hoping for a 3-0 start tonight, but not sure how I feel about tonight's game. Worried about the Giants offensive line vs Michah Parsons. We will see.


  1. Cool looking card. It's even cooler that it's not from one of those over-produced insert sets that flood quarter bins.

  2. Reminds me a bit of those 2021 Allen and Ginter mini stained glass cards. Cool addition to your giants collection!


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