Tuesday, October 4, 2022


I am feeling the hype today.

With the talk of the Giants having Odell Beckham Jr in the building yesterday, to check in on Sterling Shepard and not an actual visit to be signed, has got my blood flowing in hope that the Gmen will bring back the one-time Giant. I have always been a fan of his, though I was annoyed with some of the on-field antics, but the dude can ball out and this offense needs him. 

The Giants basically are down to practice squad wideouts at this point. Shepard is out for the season, WanDale Robinson and Kadarius Toney have spent all season hurt, now Kenny Golladay is hurt leaving Daniel Jones not much to work with.

Richie James is pretty much all that remains as a main target. Not a household name, but he has made some decent plays.

But, they will need more than him.

I want to see this guy take a 66-yard pass half injured for a game winning touchdown like he did on this card. This is the last memory of have of Odell and it's not a bad one to have.

Will Odell have his reunion with the Giants? I still don't see it happening honestly. Will I stay hyped up about it until he makes a move? Yes, absolutely.

Thanks again to @allindz99 for this small trade.

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